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Welcome to The Temple of Forgiveness Course

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This forgiveness course will heal past hurts, abuse, guilt, triggers, and suffering at the deepest level. It is unlike any course you have seen because it is a hands-on process in the heavenly realms. Flo will guide you to the Temple of Forgiveness doors we have been allowed access to. We begin in this beautiful light temple, and the Guardian will work with you to bring your body into balance and harmony with the gems of light from the healing realms in spirit. Once this part is complete, you have the honor to work with the Master in the process of forgiveness, and here is where you will do the work of releasing and letting go. Since acts of pain or abuse are created in ugliness, the one who became the victim and the experience make a shadow to keep from moving forward. Here you will remove this shadow and clear the filters and the clouds blocking the light. The first part of the course is educational in understanding the purpose of forgiveness and what it is not—reasons why this is essential to healing. You will learn about today's life lessons review and how it will work on the spirit side. The second part of the course is the hands-on workshop in the realms above. The last part of the course is to review what the process means in the sacred space you created and how the Universe has opened up channels to healing for you in other areas of your life. We conclude with sacred words to help you embrace the new you more deeply than before.

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