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Methods of Divine Communication - Trust Your Inner Guidance - Surrender to Your Authentic Self

Most have one primary method of receiving messages from Spirit, however you could have a secondary method too. And with practice you can develop other channels of communication.

Here are some of the methods called the "CLAIRS" meaning Clear psychic Knowledge, corresponding to the natural senses we use everyday.

  • CLAIRVOYANCE - Seeing (transcends time and space. Use of the third eye or the minds eye in seeing what others may not).

  • CLAIRAUDIENCE - Hearing (messages heard that may not sound like your own voice. The ability to perceive sounds from spiritual or ethereal realms).

  • CLAIRSENTIENCE - Feeling (receiving emotional or physical sensations, feeling the vibration of others, animals or places. We can feel injuries or illness however, it will not harm us).

  • CLAIRCOGNIZANCE - Knowing (a knowing of something as a fact without knowing how you know. I tell clients, "This is when you know that you know without knowing how you know"). By the way, this is a skill that Jesus taught when he walked the earth. He is the Master of Knowing. It is your own clear knowing, Listen To It, Trust It - Your Intuition!

  • CLAIROLFACTION - Smelling (Receiving information through scents. I recognize a spirit guide I loved as a child with her scent of lilacs. This is one way I am aware of her presence. Also, this comes in while doing channeling work to know who is wanting to come through, which often is a family member who has passed who comes in this way. They know they will be recognized by the client in this manner).

  • CLAIRGUSTATION - Tasting (Information through taste without putting it into your mouth. Example: If you can taste your favorite dish someone made for you that has passed, know they are near with a message, it is their way of getting your attention. On another note, there are times when I can taste chemicals in food before I even serve it or put it in my mouth, it is a perfect guide).

Some of these may be channels that provide information that you did not expect. Always know that Spirit works behind the scenes, giving you assistance and bringing into your awareness what is needed for the benefit of your highest good.

Now, it is up to you to accept it, surrender to it and practice using it. Please know that it is Divine Guidance and always feels positive and supportive. It is a state of vibrational perfection.

---Stay Tuned for ways to ask for protection from the angelic realms and gate keepers.

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