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Transformation - Divine Partnership with Higher Self

To transform is to suggest a change in basic nature that seems almost miraculous. It is likened to metamorphosis. Examples are Tadpole to a frog or caterpillar to a butterfly.

On a comedy level, David Banner, to

The Hulk!

First comes the spiritual awakening, which happens when changes in life no longer make sense. It could also be a life-altering event or something unexpected, such as an NDE-Near Death Experience. Dreams or visions come from the spirit world, helping us see a needed change. Since we are all unique, it is different for each of us. Whether it comes slowly or unexpectedly, it is precisely what your soul knows will get your attention for action. The point is, that it is when we begin our search for answers.

Spiritual transformation is when we evolve to connect to our higher self and release the ego's chatter. We raise our vibrational frequency to meet up with our higher self. At this level, we can listen to the messages from our spirit team. When in meditation, we can "hear" them.

Even with the challenges we experience here, it is the best "school" to advance our souls. On this beautiful planet, we have Nature which allows us to stay alive. Be grateful for the plants, grass, trees, rain, wind, breeze, sunshine, and moon.

In the woods, touch a leaf under your fingers to feel its energy. Tree spirits are one of my favorites because they have old sage wisdom to give. Take a handful of sand the ocean has washed up to feel its ancient healing energy. When the rain comes, go outside, feel it fall on your head and face, and stretch out your hands to allow its power to regenerate your cells. When the sun peeks out through the clouds, hold your face up with your eyes gently closed to feel it warm your skin and share its loving bright energy with you. When the moon shows itself, no matter the size, let it give you intuitive insights. It is its way.

Not all dimensions have these that we can enjoy and share their energy. Take the time to enjoy all the colors around you and connect with them since they, too, have the power to share with you. Their energy influences our moods and emotions. Each color enhances your spirituality, and that is the power within we want to tap into.

You are the magician of your life. Your gifts and talents you already have are ready to be tapped into on this journey.

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