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Welcome to My Blog of Spiritual Inspiration

Thank you for Daring to Take a Peek Into the Keyhole of Who You Really Are Deep Within

A blog reminds me of a book filling the pages with knowledge that resonates with us in the moment and marking the page to return to it another time. This is what most of my books look like because words can be that gift that shows up when we need the inspiration, and you know where to find it.

What is this Keyhole we can dive into? Has there been a shift in your awareness? Something that is difficult to explain, different from your outer personality? Are you becoming aware of your own beautiful spirit within you that has been dormant. Pay attention to where in your body this is, and how does it feel. If it feels magical and wonderful, like something outside of you that has come in for a brief moment, then it is your Higher Consciousness, your Higher Self wanting you to listen. This eternal breath of life we all share manifest differently in each one of us. It has it's own presence in and around us with its own vibration.

Allow yourself to explore it. Because it is your life force called YOU! It is like a book of magic waiting for discovery, the discovery of what really feeds you. What fortifies you, what is it that energizes you at your core? Now remember that it is only YOU that is important here. Why? If you are busy taking care of others in your home life, work life or social life just doing and doing for family, friends and associates, what happens to you? You and your body get neglected and what I have seen from my clients is that health issues appear in various parts of the body. It is imperative that you do not lose connection with yourself by giving up your energy to others.

For starters: Get into a quiet space where you can just breathe easily. Listen to your breath go in and out. If it is shallow breathing, change it. Change it to a slow breath, inhale feeling it come from the bottom of your body and through your mid-section and out your mouth so that you can hear the breath being released. This will allow you to release any tension in the body and will begin breathing exercises to bring in clean energy into your system and releasing all negative energies. If you know how to use a yoga breath, this is the time to practice inhaling deep and out releasing any negative energies that may have entered your body.

The reason breath work for a spiritual minded person is important is because it raises your vibration to allow your higher self, your spirit to come in to remind you of the power you possess to live in this 3rd dimension, planet earth. And most important your high vibration connects you

to Spirit, to your spirit team for messages, or answers to questions.

Stay Tunned ...

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