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Spiritual Coaching

As an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor I will hold sacred space for you during your sessions and open up communication with those in spirit who want to work with you on your path. We will tap into the wisdom of the Universe and Source for guidance. 

I walk with you on this journey of spiritual awakening which at present may feel uncomfortable or unsettling to you, trying to make sense of things that had been so sure before.  Together we work through this process. 

Your soul desires the wisdom of the inner knowing within you.  This part of you is connected to spirit and this is what you will learn to tap into at will. 


You will allow enlighten experiences which will lead you to a path of deep insight and understanding. 


Spiritual paths go from beginning to seasoned thus I work with various levels and in-between levels. 


You will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and grow the Warrior within you. 

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