As your facilitator, my intention is to assist you in receiving the information you seek to have a happy and focused life. You will discover the best part of yourself that loves you unconditionally. And always has your best interest at hand giving you the tools to tap into the knowledge you need, to move forward to a healthier and fulfilled life without limitations, if you choose. 

Once your appointment is set and deposit paid, you will be emailed information on how to best prepare for your session. 

Gambling Addiction

Learn to break the Psychological Barrier.   With the use of hypnosis we re-train the mind to take control of the situation.  There will be tools given to you for use even after your sessions are over.  


If you would like to explore your past lifetimes and why you had to  experience this and if there is any Karma being paid or moved into this life that needs to be worked out.  We will explore 2 - 3 lifetimes together and see if there are any lessons from these lives.  

Spiritual Coaching

As an intuitive coach, I walk with you on this journey of spiritual awakening.  Your soul desires the wisdom of the inner knowing within you.  This part of you is what you will learn to tap into at will. 


Thus allowing room for enlighten experiences which will lead you to a path of deep insight and wisdom to allow for a purposeful life.  Our spiritual path goes from beginning to seasoned thus I work with various levels and in-between levels. 

  • Changes within are completely new experiences


  • Already on this journey and have a knowing of its truth and are open to learning more

  • On a heart level you embrace the information you are given and would like to move forward

  • Would like a spiritual practice to discover and grow the warrior within you