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Welcome To Alter Behaviors -with Flo

QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
Taught by Dolores Cannon Academy


Flo's unwavering dedication lies in the skillful guidance of her clients towards unearthing their true selves, addressing emotional and physical hurdles that may have remained concealed.


In the sanctuary she provides, respect and honor are the cornerstones.

With a wealth of experience as a life coach and mentor, Flo adeptly offers unwavering support and guidance, embarking on a transformative journey that commences from within, unearthing your inner strength.

You possess the inherent right to embrace a life free from the chains that impede your progress, and Flo is the guiding hand that empowers this transformation.


Whether you seek insights, a profound voyage of self-discovery, or the cessation of habits like smoking or gambling, Flo beckons you to embark on a journey to

Discover the Power of Self-Improvement.

QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

office bed 001_edited.jpg represents a distinctive metaphysical healing practice, harnessing the profound modality of QHHT

(Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique).

QHHT is a conduit to your higher consciousness for the advancement of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. These sacred sessions illuminate your life's purpose, dispel the weight of trauma, and gently dissolve any barriers that may obscure your path.

Flo embodies an unwavering belief in the transformative potential of internal healing. She orchestrates a sanctuary of security and compassion where her cherished clients may embark on an intimate journey of exploration and spiritual rejuvenation.

For further information, please visit the "About QHHT" section


Life Coaching

Life coaching is a profound, transformative journey.  It is designed to equip you with the tools to access your inner wisdom, unravel the intricacies of your outward behavior, and enable you to embrace the essence of your being, your authentic self.  

The goal is to evolve towards a way of living that radiates from within, an existence driven by inner truths and aspirations.  Living from the inside out. 

You will attain newfound clarity, focus and a clear sense of direction giving you a heightened awareness of the world surrounding you. 

In her capacity as your dedicated coach, Flo stands as a steadfast pillar of support and a beacon of guidance steering you toward your potential. 


Spiritual Mentoring

Flo imparts a unique blend of professional and spiritual wisdom, guiding you on a journey to connect with your spirit family.

This entails fostering communication with the Source or its celestial messengers: the angels, spirit guides, Arch Angels, and benevolent beings.


With a profound love for her spirit family, Flo is a beacon of guidance for your spiritual awakening. She meets you at the current point on your path, whether it's the beginning, where understanding of life's mysteries is sought, or a realization of your innate power.

Her mentoring is available to all, including those at higher spiritual frequencies who aspire to advance their souls.


Past Life Regression

Through this session, Flo will accompany you on a sacred voyage of self-discovery. In her capable hands, you will be gently ushered into a profound state of relaxation, a doorway to connecting with your higher self.


Together, you will embark on an exploration of the lives and experiences your soul has gracefully traversed.


Guided by Flo's wisdom and expertise, you will uncover profound insights into your present life and attain a profound understanding of the divine purpose guiding your soul's journey.


Forgiveness Session

This session is thoughtfully crafted to assist you in healing and releasing the burdens of past wrongs, regardless of their nature. 

It seeks to eliminate any emotional triggers or lingering grudges through the powerful act of forgiveness, allowing you to gracefully progress in your life's journey. 

The intention is not to forget but to acknowledge the past without the burden of anger and to extend forgiveness to yourself, empowering you to move forward.  

Through this journey, you pave the way for profound personal growth, unlocking your boundless potential. 

akashic records for website.jpeg

The Akashic Records Journey

The Akashic Records grants you

access to the eternal

tapestry of your life's records.  

Within these records,

are the echoes of your distant past. 

Here are the experiences

your soul has woven across lifetimes,

and perhaps even glimpses of your future. 

In this sacred library, you'll discern recurring patterns, some that may

still bear negative influences on

your current life. 

You will gain insight into the origins

of your challenges, enabling

you to carry this

newfound wisdom back into your

present life and make the

necessary adjustments. 


Smoking Addiction

Break free from the chains of smoking addiction and take control of your life. The difference with this program is that it is not just about stopping the behavior but ending the relationship with tobacco making all the difference for clients.


Gambling Addiction

Gambling services can help you break the psychological barrier and retrain the mind to destroy the compulsion. Our sessions are tailored to your needs, allowing you to get to the root of your problem and create a positive outlook on life.

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Free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you  and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Most Sessions Can be Virtual (Zoom) 

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This is my interview with MysticMag by author Sarah Kirton who is an advocate of the spiritual and healing work we do

 It is a nice reminder of the emotional landscape within the journey of clients that we dedicate our time to find the deeper meaning and understanding of their life. The beauty of helping clients gain a renewed perspective and a sense of liberation is the foundation of my practice. 
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