Services - call or email to book a session

Freedom from Smoking:  This program is typically 4 sessions meeting once a week.  After the initial interview we will determine a Success Formula designed for you.  Commitment & Communication is Key! 

Weight Loss Management:  This program is a 3 part session with 4th session free of charge if you need to use it.  We have a buddy system for those who would like a friend to join them in the process.  

Goal Imaging Focus:  This is a 3 part session to understand where you want to see yourself successful: in your personal life or business/work life.  This is a fun session as we work on using your Super Power of Imagination.   We create your personal goals with the kind of person you want to become.  We discover any self-sabotage elements you may be using.  


Stress Management: This is a 3 part session.  We teach you how to calm your overworked outer mind which affects the body.  Finding your inner strength to overcome any type of storm appearing in your life.  Could be: Moving-Divorce-Loss of loved one (grief)-Depression-Lack of Self-Esteem-Lack of Confidence in Business or Relationships-The Past: overcome what was bigger than you could handle at the time it took place-The need to Build Powerful Motivation.

Couples Coaching: I help couples get back on track when their relationship seems to have hit some bumps or appears to be broken.  We access a whole other level of communication - understanding - compassion with and for each other.  Getting back to treasure this life experience with each other. 

Other Services: We have other Services we provide which may not be listed.  Call us now to discuss the issue and how we can  help.  The Consultation is Free. 



Our Philosophy


Our goal is to help you become the VERY BEST VERSION OF YOU!

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all use.  It is natures way to open communication between our conscious mind and subconscious mind so that new information can enter.  It is a process we use to guide you to re-form habits and practices as well as moods, ideas and emotions that no longer serve you.

We help clients succeed when nothing else has worked. 

It is practical - fun and extremely effective and brings rapid results.