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Nancy Zevely

My QHHT Session with Flo was phenomenal. I felt held in a safe embrace for the duration...Flo allowed me to relax and open up more than I could have imagined. Next, she employed a high level of practiced skill in drawing out and organizing what was most important to me for the hypnosis segment. It was absolutely fascinating and revelatory to see how easy it was for me to be out of my own way and let my subconscious communicate.  It helps that the timbre of Flo's voice is sublime.  It is hard to convey in words the level of skill, enthusiasm and dedication Flo brings to this work.  I highly recommend you take up the opportunity to experience this important work with her.  The session revealed pivotal insights to move me forward in my quest for clarity of purpose and increasing sense of fulfillment in my life. The depth of healing that took place during our time together continues to reverberate through my body.  I am so grateful, thank you Flo.


I had been hypnotized before, but this method was different and so so deep.  Prior to our session I was asked to bring my own set of questions about what I wanted to ask my higher self.  Little did I realize that those questions were a gateway to opening up memories that I hadn't ever addressed!  Flo took her time getting to know my past with calm prompts, never feeling intrusive or rushed.  The office was quiet and serene during the actual hypnosis part of the session, I was provided the most comfiest bed with soft cloud-like blankets. 

Flo took me to several lifetimes and the messages from my higher self were loud and clear.  I met my higher self, I learned that I had a team of guides supporting me, and that the answers are always there, that all I have to do is ask and they will guide me.  We remembered, we healed, we loved and I woke up feeling at peace and energized.  I highly recommend this experience if you are feeling stuck, and needing your own clarity.  Flo is an amazing hypnosis guide who is innately prepared to be vulnerable and the more you share, the more you will heal.

Sharon Ann Rose

Flo is a masterful hypnotist and healer.  In all my years of receiving numerous healing modalities and care, the time and attention Flo offered me surpassed anything I've ever received before. The deep presence and insightfulness she gave to my life's journey and relationships, created a vast sense of safety and respect, that carried into my journey of healing through the QHHT session. 

Flo offers her heart and wisdom into holding you with dignity and maturity.  She is able to flow through the domains of your life with a sentient ability that goes right to the places where the most important information is stored.  She is skilled in delineating questions to help your subconscious unpack years of emotional and health challenges.  I am blessed and honored to have experienced an intimacy with my own higher guidance at a level I've never reached before during my QHHT session.  I've been softened into a deeper relationship with true Grace carrying me through every moment of my life.

Randolph Sellars

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a unique process and amazing where one experiences physical, emotional, and spiritual healing at a deep level of the subconscious mind.  I highly recommend Flo as a skilled and dedicated practitioner of this unique technique.  Flo spends a lot of time getting to know each client's history and their concerns so that she can design an individualized session. As a highly intuitive person, she understands the pain of personal trauma and works with extreme sensitivity and confidentiality.  Throughout the process, I felt very comfortable allowing myself to let go and trust the process.  The result of the experience is both sublime and profound.

Christy C

QTTH with Flo gave me new awareness and insights into my own power of healing. I felt safe and expertly guided, seen and nurtured.  Her pre-talk was soothing and delightful and trace was introspective and powerful.  I learned to trust myself and this will be carried with me forever.


Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!  The information that I had reserved through my QHHT session was truly enlightening!  It also has enriched my life. Even my ailments have drastically decreased.  My main reason for wanting this was to strengthen my connection to my higher self and the divine all.  I have gained so much insight into myself since my session.  Every time I listen to my session I receive even more information that helps me remember who I truly am and what I am capable of. 

Thank you so much Flo for my QHHT experience.  It was absolutely everything I hoped for and so much more.  It changed my life and has greatly enhanced my future!  I would highly encourage anyone to experience a QHHT session especially if they are taking a journey with themselves. 

Gary R. Lee

Totally impressed by Flo's ability to awaken my unconscious mind to probe many thoughts that were holding me back to allow me to achieve goals that I had set for myself. Her ability to navigate through the unconscious and bring it to the forefront with professionalism and skill were impressive.  Everyone who is struggling with inner problems, this therapy is a must.  I cannot give her high enough recommendations for the skill that she has perfected in this field.  Thank you Flo.


Flo, thank you so much for my session and really taking the time I needed to talk through each question. It's kind of bittersweet knowing that I want change and what I have to do now, leaving my past habits behind. I'm grateful I was able to connect with you and receive the information I needed at this time for my path.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I had such a great experience!  My QHHT session with Flo was so helpful.  She got to the bottom of issues I've had my entire life.  I feel like I did years worth of therapy in just one day.  Not only was it incredibly healing but it was a lot of fun and it felt really good.  Flo has a real talent for hypnosis!


Flo masterfully takes a five hour QHHT session and melts you into the experience as if no time went by.  From the wonderful interactions at the beginning of the session, her approachability and gentle touch on all topics, to the induction, hypnosis and review, I felt held in the safest of spaces and enjoyed every minute.  My session was so confirming as well as eye opening


You have helped us so greatly, and it brings me peace of mind that we have you in our support network.

Susanne D

Expanding, life altering, mesmerizing...No words can really describe a QHHT session with Flo, you simply just have to try it for yourself and you'll see - 
I found myself being a little nervous the morning of my session but I can guarantee you that Flo can make anyone feel calm and relaxed.  The interview, was done in such empathetic and professional way that it simply puts you at ease - and for the hypnosis itself - such an amazing experience.  Although you may not remember anything or very little from your subconscious speaking during hypnosis, Flo in such a sweet way, walks you through the hypnosis session itself afterwards.  And you get a follow up recording to listen to after the session as well.  Whether you are dealing with personal, mental or physical issues or all of the above, I recommend you go see Flo for a QHHT session. You won't regret it!

Joanne McCall

Flo is a very gifted hypnotist and healer. The QHHT session with her was nothing short of amazing.  I felt very welcomed by her, very listened to, and trusted her and the process.  The results were astounding in a number of ways, the most important of which is how relaxed and whole I felt after the process.  I woke up the next day with an unexplained feeling of well being that I know came from the session. I highly recommend.


I am in such awe from our session and all the changes I have been going through! When I listen to it (recording) I remember some parts of it when they were happening because I felt it in my body, like a heart healing...we DO have all the answers inside of us!  We hold the power to heal ourselves.  Since our session, my health and energy have improved heart feels like it quieted down and is back in place.  That's pretty incredible. Relationships...I didn't realize I was holding on to that pain.  I feel completely free of them now.  In my career, I have shifted into feeling much more self-confident. 
That was the most healing session I have ever had in my life and you are amazing!  I am so grateful for you and that you walked into my life.  It is an absolute JOY to be connected with you here in this early existence like we have been probably so many times before.


I spent the day with Flo in a QHHT session.  What brought me to Flo's door was some ongoing challenges, lifelong...ancestral patterns that had plagued me for decades.  Then in 2020, after eight years with my husband, my nervous system took one too many hits and I dysregulated badly.  I was an emotional wreck...I started taking anti-anxiety medication and another one for nightmares.  The hypnosis work Flo guided me through has had a significant impact on me energetically, neurologically, emotionally, in every way.  I feel like I'm a new, improved version of myself.  I can focus and accomplish what I set out to do.  I'm not so easily triggered.  It's like more of myself is back on-line again.  And, I stopped taking the medication.  I feel like I had a Soul Retrieval with a powerful shaman, only the shaman was my Higher Self and Flo was my Spirit Guide.  I have a couple of hurdles to get through...this was something I was not able to deal with but since my QHHT session I feel ready, capable, strong, empowered to do what I must to see things through.  

I can't thank Flo enough for helping me overcome one of the biggest challenges of my life.  Since my session, I have turned a corner.  It happened immediately.  Thank you Flo for the work you do in the world and for being such a blessing in the lives of those you touch.


Running into Flo is no coincidence, she is sent for this healing work.  She is a radiating light, as soon as she speaks her voice sets the light frequency tones necessary for a deep healing hypnosis.  I have had the pleasure to complete a QHHT session and listening to my session with gratitude, for this is a lifetime resource and reminder of my calling.  With ease she helped me access it appropriately.  It's powerful, useful and worth it all alongside Flo.  I believe QHHT is a transformative make connection with our higher self. Flo is the best driver to this unique and rapid healing that works long term. It's with pride and gratitude I thank Flo for the ease she does this...and certainly from a compassion-focused practice she has built from her caring heart and extensive wisdom.  Her abilities to soothe your soul at every step of the process is a treat. As soon as I encountered her space, I felt safe. She honors the lived experiences shared with non-judgmental never feels alone with her wise assistance.

Healed, 36

Flo has a way with words and is a gentle, guiding spirit.  Gentle, yet clear, decisive and firm.  I felt healed, held and seen - safe to be myself in a way I do not often experience in this world.  I am so grateful for our session, and instilling such faith and confidence in listening to my inner wisdom of my higher self.  She took time with me and was very patient, careful that I did not feel rushed.  I am grateful for her being a light and medicine worker.  It was just the medicine my soul needs.

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