"I felt held in a safe embrace for the duration...allowed me to relax and open up more than I could have imagined. It was absolutely fascinating and revelatory to see how easy it was for me to be out of my own way and let my subconscious communicate. It is hard to convey in words the level of skill, enthusiasm and dedication Flo brings to this work.  I highly recommend you take up the opportunity to experience this important work...the session revealed pivotal insights to move me forward in my quest for clarity of purpose and increasing sense of fulfillment in my life. The depth of healing that took place during our time together continues to reverberate through my body.  I am so grateful, thank you Flo." ---Nancy Zevely

"I had been hypnotized before, but this method was different and so so deep.  Prior to our session I was asked to bring my own set of questions about what I wanted to ask my higher self.  Little did I realize that those questions were a gateway to opening up memories that I hadn't ever addressed!  Flo took her time getting to know my past with calm prompts, never feeling intrusive or rushed.  The office was quiet and serene...Flo took me to several lifetimes and the messages from my higher self were loud and clear.  I met my higher self, I learned that I had a team of guides supporting me, and that the answers are always there, that all I have to do is ask and they will guide me.  We remembered, we healed, we loved and I woke up feeling at peace and energized.  I highly recommend this experience if you are feeling stuck, and needing your own clarity.  Flo is an amazing hypnosis guide who is innately intuitive...be prepared to be vulnerable and the more you share, the more you will heal." ---Stephanie

"Flo is a masterful hypnotist and healer.  In all my years of receiving numerous healing modalities and care, the time and attention Flo offered me surpassed anything I've ever received before. The deep presence and insightfulness...created a vast sense of safety and respect, that carried into my journey of healing through the QHHT session. Flo offers her heart and wisdom into holding you with dignity and maturity.  She is skilled in delineating questions to help your subconscious unpack years of emotional and health challenges.  I am blessed and honored to have experienced an intimacy with my own higher guidance at a level I've never reached before during my QHHT session.  I've been softened into a deeper relationship with true Grace carrying me through every moment of my life." ---Sharon Ann Rose

This is a unique process and amazing where one experiences physical, emotional, and spiritual healing at a deep level of the subconscious mind.  I highly recommend Flo as a skilled and dedicated practitioner of this unique technique. She spends a lot of time getting to know each client's history and their concerns so that she can design an individualized session. As a highly intuitive person, she understands the pain of personal trauma and works with extreme sensitivity and confidentiality.  Throughout the process, I felt very comfortable allowing myself to let go and trust the process.  The result of the experience is both sublime and profound."  ---Randolph Sellars

"Flo gave me new awareness and insights into my own power of healing. I felt safe and expertly guided, seen and nurtured.  Her pre-talk was soothing and delightful and trace was introspective and powerful.  I learned to trust myself and this will be carried with me forever."  ---Christy C.


"Totally impressed by Flo's ability to awaken my unconscious mind to probe many thoughts that were holding me back to allow me to achieve goals that I had set for myself. Her ability to navigate through the unconscious and bring it to the forefront with professionalism and skill were impressive.  Everyone who is struggling with inner problems, this therapy is a must. Thank you Flo." ---Gary R. Lee


CS: "You have helped us so greatly, and it brings me peace of mind that we have you in our support network." ---CM