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A few words from clients​

  • "I've had  the privilege of working with Flo on separate occasions...I've felt completely safe and respected. I've always been met with love.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Flo if you are genuinely ready to transform your life." DM

  •  "I have had quite a few healing sessions with other practitioners and Flo's Conscious Channeling Session has been the most in-depth, expansive yet loving healing I've ever received! It's like a whole mind and body upgrade with insight and clarity.  Flo is kind, professional and wise." EM

  • "I spent the day with Flo in a QHHT session. I was an emotional wreck, panic attacks, and insomnia.  I had been displaced and couldn't find my bearings. The work Flo did in guiding me through has had significant impact on me energetically, neurologically, emotionally, in every way. I am a new improved version of myself.  I have turned a corner and it happened immediately, I made a giant step forward in recovery and healing.  Thank you Flo for the work you do in the world and for being such a blessing in the lives of those you touch." CL

  • "I am in such awe from our session and the changes I have been going through. Since our session, my health and energy have improved dramatically.  About my relationships, being inflicted in endless years of pain...I didn't realize I was holding onto, I am completely free of them now. This is the most healing session I have had in my life and you are amazing! I am so grateful for you and that you walked into my life." AB

  • "Running into Flo is no coincidence, she is a radiating light.  As soon as she speaks, her voice set the light frequency tones necessary for deep healing hypnosis. Flo is the best driver to this unique and rapid healing of QHHT, long term.  It is with pride and gratitude that I thank Flo for the ease she does this and from a compassion-focused practice she has built with her caring heart and extensive wisdom." AV

  • "Expanding, life altering, words can describe a QHHT session with Flo.  I found myself a little nervous the morning of my session but I can guarantee you that Flo can make anyone feel calm and relaxed. Whether you are dealing with personal, mental, or physical issues, I recommend you go see Flo for a session - you won't regret it!" SD

  • "My QHHT session with Flo was so helpful.  She got to the bottom of issues I've had my entire life.  I feel like I did years worth of therapy in just one day. It was healing, fun and it felt really good"  EP

  • I was totally impressed by Flo's ability to awaken my unconscious mind to probe thoughts that were holding me back not allowing me to achieve goals I had set for myself.  Her ability to navigate through the unconscious and bring it to the forefront with professionalism and skill are absolutely impressive. I cannot give her high enough recommendation in this field." GL

  • "The information I received through my session has enriched my life.  Even my ailments have drastically decreased.  Every time I listen to my session I receive even more information that helps me remember who I truly am and what I am capable of.  It has changed my life and greatly enhanced my future."  TT

  • "What Flo offered me surpassed anything I've received before. She is skilled at delineating questions to help your subconscious unpack years of emotional and health challenges. She has a compassionate and protective approach to guide you through the terrain of connecting to your Higher Self.  She offers her heart and wisdom into holding you with dignity and maturity." SR


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Free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you  and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Most Sessions Can be Virtual (Zoom) 

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