Your Session

 Days before your Session Prepare a List of Questions you would like your Subconscious to Answer

  1. Health, mind and body questions

  2. Life, personal, emotional or relationship questions

On the Day of your Session 

These questions will be addressed during the time we get to know each other and reason for wanting this experience.  We will talk about how easy this process will be for you.  I will explain this bigger part of you, the higher consciousness, subconscious, higher self or Universal Mind (you term the collective consciousness we are tapping into) and how I will guide you to make connection with it.  There will be time to gather information for the regression part of the session so that I have everything you want and need to ask your higher self.  I will then take you into a deep past life regression and move you through the levels of hypnosis to the subconsciousness mind.  At this point the questions are answered and the healing work begins.  We ask your higher consciousness to scan your body to heal or repair issues that are known to you or sometimes unknown.  This deep relaxation part of your session is 2 hours.  

This part of your session will be recorded for you to listen to at a later time.  If you choose to share this information after you have listened to it, you may.  It is your choice. 


Once this is complete, I will gently bring you out of regression and we will go over your session together.  Any questions you may have at this point we discuss them for better understanding of this part of your session.

Please keep in mind that these sessions are conducted in complete privacy.  No one is allowed to accompany you during your session.  These sessions are never done remotely.