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Declare Your Value - This is Who I Am and What I Stand For...

Walk to the rhythm of your own drum! But how? You may ask.

This comes from within - It is your inner development and we must take responsibility for this because it is the bigger aspect of ourselves. It is that inner voice, that gut feeling, our intuition. Sadly, this most important part of who we are is what gets neglected most. We have become conditioned to allow "things-stuff" in our outer world to dictate how we live and act. Wearing the "face" we decide to put on in that moment.

Here is the most wonderful thing about our inner development, by working on our inner self we become strong! We gain inner strength so that if and when any storms come our way in life we can easily meet and beat these challenges. And we do this without any Outer Drama.

I learned this a long time ago, and it has served me well. It is a good start, a good beginning to bring in fresh, clean energy into your body and by releasing, you get rid of negative or toxic energy that you have picked up, unknown to you. This will also begin your journey to clear your chakras, and ground yourself each day. It is a good foundation. This also raises your vibration to meet with your angels, guides or loved ones who may have messages for you.

Be still and enjoy!


Anything that is valuable is worth practicing - get good at it

  • Find a quiet place, a spot where you will not be interrupted.

  • Take in a few deep breaths, inhaling as if your breath is coming from your toes going all the way up to the crown of your head. When you exhale, make your lips like a donut so that when your release that breath you can hear it come out of your body. Now, imagine that breath going out from the crown of your head all the way down your body and out through your toes, sending it to the ground underneath you.

  • Nice and slow, listen to that breath being released from you. Gently close your eyes as you do this again, breathing in and out. Feel free to place one hand on your belly as you inhale and the other hand on your chest to observe the rise and fall of your chest. Feel beautiful rhythm of your body.

  • Minimum of 3 breaths.

  • With each inhale you can say something to this effect, "I breathe in life" or "I breathe in Spirit" and as you exhale say, "I release what no longer serves me ".

  • If your mind wonders and the chatter begins, you can say, "Go Away, I'm not buying today!" This works for me.

  • Keep this SIMPLE - feel the power of source - your own soul, spirit, your own higher self giving you life - restoring you back to the wholeness of who you truly are meant to be.

Each time you do this, allow yourself to be filled with the presence of Spirit in your body circulating with your breathing. Give it time, this truly is your natural state.

Learn it, practice it and get good at it. Try giving yourself a suggestion of your own to continue this journey for the beginning of your Inner Development.

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