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Learn the Art of Surrender and Regain Your Inner Strength to Embrace Personal Development.

If your belief system has changed, it is not by accident that this has happened. There is an awakening taking place within you. It is when you are ready to release the old ways of doing things that once were familiar or comfortable to you. Perhaps, you have tired of allowing the ego to direct your thoughts and the way to approach experiences.

This is called expansion and letting you know you are not powerless, especially in times of significant challenges. This is a most profound moment since your awareness is to recognize your inner truth. When your higher self or consciousness reminds you of who you are, you must identify your authentic self.

As life goes on from childhood, we are programmed with the teachings or ideas of family members or others we admire, we even pick up ideas and thoughts from those who cross our path briefly, consciously or unconsciously, not that this is not good. However, we grow and change; our environment is different, and we must choose to form our own identity. We do this by relinquishing others' identities we picked up as our own.

Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings when they enter your mind; does it feel like it is for your highest good? Is it positive, and will it move you to make a better impact on your life or others? Does it motivate you to accomplish a goal to improve your life? If this is not the case, dismiss this thought immediately and replace it with a positive mantra for yourself.

Surrender is to stretch out of your comfort zone and listen to your heart—time to explore boundaries and expand the view of the future. Listen carefully as it whispers to you, guiding you and giving you something that sparks your heart to move and fully accept your full potential, releasing what has held you back from being in your power.

Love liberates and is our intimate way to freedom on our spiritual journey. It is the love you cultivate in your heart for you, your soul's journey, and your human self. Do not depend on others to liberate you from any bondage of the past; it is the unconditional love of self because you are love in the human form.

Water the love of this new journey, and get excited to have the Wise Ones from Spirit walk this path with you.

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