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What Does it Mean to Find a Feather?

There is a spiritual meaning to finding a feather on your path.

When you find a bird feather on your path, do not overlook it, especially if it catches your eye. It can be a rare incident.

Shamans healers understood that when a feather was found, it was meant to be a sign for the person who picked it up.

It is believed that birds are sacred because they fly high in the sky, close to Source-God and all that he is --- they receive messages to deliver to earth for humans to know someone is with them, and we do not walk this path alone.

Possible Messages:

  • It could be your Angels telling you they are here to assist and protect you. They enjoy surrounding you with loving support.

  • It could be your Spirit Guide has heard your request to let you know they are available to you now, here to help.

  • It could be a loved one who has passed, transitioned to the other side, and has a message for you. They usually want you to know they are safe and happy. They can even help you find something you are looking for that is essential for you. You can even ask them; they will help because they still love you.

If a bird shows up for you anywhere on your path, it could be a window, yard, or nature more than once, especially if it becomes a repeated pattern, know that a strong message is waiting for you. Perhaps, the message is not clear in your mind or heart. They show up over and over to give you clarification.

The clarity comes when you become still. Stillness in nature, stillness during meditation brings you clarity. You can place the feather before you and ask: What is the message? Listen to your feelings about what you get, and know that your spirit team loves you.

Stay Tuned...

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