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Each Moment We Are Presented With Choices --- Why?

How is it that one can know how to appreciate or to have gratitude?

It is only by having the experience --- the experience of lack of something or loss of something and the cause of pain.

Until you feel the lack of something, you will not understand gratitude or appreciation, and with this experience comes the lessons learned so as not to have it repeated.

Choices come with thoughts and feelings; there is no right or wrong, only what is best for our highest good.

Heavy thoughts bring heavy emotions, such as anger or resentment. When you follow that direction which is dense, this is where you move into bringing in more of that heaviness.

Emotions are like layers peeling off. At the core, we can have very dense dark feelings, not necessarily our own but learned behavior we picked up on the path of life.

When you step forward away from the dense feelings, you peel a layer or two off. Now you come closer to feeling at ease and finding yourself with a lightness. Life goes on, and you continue to peel layers from the dense core moving in the direction of lightness without the past burdens, which feels smooth and calm.

Moving back and forth through these emotions shows you the choices you can make. It is not unusual to go back a couple of steps feeling the dense core and move up a few steps to feel the lightness of life, running smooth and at ease. When the direction you choose does not allow you to move into a lighter movement transforming your life, it is time to look at the lessons so there is no need to repeat them repeatedly.

Become aware of your life-transformation movement to where you want to be.

Appreciate the gift of choice the Divine has given you.

Bottom Line --- You Create Your Reality. Listen to your Intuition to Give you Guidance.

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